The Sexual Sovereignty Project

Sexual Sovereignty is an exploration of sexuality outside of unhealthy cultural messaging around sex. Erin Brown with guest experts, activists, and folks open to sharing their own journeys examine old dogmas and new paradigms around sex including identity, practices, sex work, kink, relationship structure, personal narrative, reproductive justice and more. In an effort to discover what is possible, what is healthy and what is enticing when we have positive, relatable, and accurate information in our hands. Each episode is available for purchase for $1-$3 depending on production cost.


Episode 1: Self Pleasure with Nikki Morgan

Nikki Morgan is a clinical sexologist, and sexual energy cultivator widely known for her touchless orgasm practice. In this episode we discuss the benefits of masturbation and sexual touch, how to get started or enrich a current practice, and a huge revelation Erin had recently in her own practice. Nikki and Erin also explore the idea of orgasmic lifestyle, slowing down enough to notice your arousal and the energy of orgasm. 


Episode 2: Gender & Sexual Identity with Saida Bonifeld

Saida Bonifeld is the director of the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity at the University of Kansas. In this discussion Saida gives a brief overview of gender as a social construct, sexual identity as a sometimes stationary and sometimes evolving thing as well as some terminology. A great starting point for better understanding how the conversation around gender and sexuality is changing and the importance of this shift. 


Episode 3: Role Playing as healing work with Rachael Maddox

Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of women and men resolve their sexual trauma and reclaim their pleasure, power and wholeness. On this episode we discuss role playing as a means to find both what makes you feel sexy and safe. Creating a game of sorts as an entry point to better sex, better communication and a better understanding of your own and your partners' needs. 


Episode 3: Polyamory with Maritza Valle

Maritza Valle is a sex therapist based in Austin, TX who both practices polyamory herself and does polyamory consultations as a part of her work. In this conversation she explains the relationship dynamics that come up in the context of polyamory as well as the some of the impacts her identity has had on other relationships. She is open about her own journey, the dissolution of her marriage and how (and why) polyamory works for her.