Business Reading/Consulting

Running an online business in some ways feels more challenging than ever in such a saturated market. It’s hard to know what stands out about you, what makes you special, or how to market what you do. Business coaches and masterminds costing thousands of dollars seem like the only route to success. With nearly a decade in online business and social media marketing, and the knowledge on how to get things done yourself in a cost efficient way, I would love to help shape your next moves. Before this appointment I go through everything you have online and see what’s working, what is unique to you, where you are shining and how to lean more into those spaces. You will walk away from the appointment with next steps, all the diy info you need to grow and get moving on your next project. This is also where I direct folks who want to “pick my brain” for business advice. Pick away.

Personal coaching

I started reading tarot cards when I was 13 years old and use them along with other intuitive tools to help you work through what’s in front of you. If you are at a crossroads of any kind and need guidance, this may be a good fit for you. You’ll likely leave with some clarity around what past issues are surfacing today, how they are manifesting, and how to think about moving forward healthily. I can do these sessions via phone calls or email. Limited times available.

Book Doula

When I wrote my first book in 2014 I had no idea what I was doing. It started as an e-book (which I would learn was a downloadable pdf). For the second one I wanted to do more research. And mostly I found predatory businesses. One “publisher” charged a base price of $2,000 for very little guidance and access to an editor. I spoke with agents who told me that basically everything I wanted a publisher to help me with they would not. So with the help of my family, a local editor and an incredible amount of “I can fucking do this,” I launched myself into self publishing in earnest. Now my books are all over the world which feels surreal. Since then I’ve helped many others birth their books. Through the emotional process, the editing process and ALL the damn logistics (which just require a little know how when you skip the rabbit hole of internet research). And very little money (I’m not someone with resources to spend thousands on printing or the layout etc). I’ve put together a team of womxn I trust to pull from should you need editing, artwork, hand lettering, etc. All of which are freelancers who would quote you separately (I don’t take a cut on those).

“I’d spent two years on different concepts for a book. I KNEW I would eventually get one out but I didn’t know how and was stuck. My first coaching call with Erin skyrocketed me, and my book into places I didn’t know I could go. I learned the publishing process, which was 10x easier than expected with her guidance. More than the ins and outs which I would have never learned on my own, Erin’s coaching gave me the clarity and permission I needed to create my art in a way that has never felt more right. She gentle yet always honest feedback, support and calls helped make my dream a reality. This coaching opportunity is not to be missed—if you want to write a book, you need her.” - Rachel Turner, @strongchicksrock