Coaching leaders

I'm interested in working with women who are ready to step into leadership of all capacities. So long as the readiness and drive is there, I am thrilled to share everything I have learned from my own work and the leaders I am constantly learning from. That includes clarity of mission, personal struggles, building a business, building a website, writing a book, branding, social media, becoming a more powerful speaker and anything else I have up my sleeve is completely yours. None of us do this alone, I'd love to be in your corner. We aren't fighting for a few seats at the table, we are building new tables. 

Personal coaching

This is the part where I tell you I do intuitive work. I'm not interested in convincing anyone of such. But if you are at a crossroads and need guidance, I use tarot cards and other tools to provide clarity. I can do these sessions via phone calls or email. 

How to Book

To discuss if either are a good fit for you, email for details here