Welcome to the revolution. We have been fed lies and now we are looking right at them. About who we are, about who “the other” is, about our roles, about what’s healthy and possible for our lives. As we begin to unravel our own histories, examine our identities and face the wide gaps in our understandings of the culture we live in, new skills are required. How do we address our own trauma without damaging others? How do we strengthen ourselves in humility and growth without letting guilt and shame be our home base? How do we create community based in shared values and not tokenism, rhetoric and the superficiality of “getting it right?” All of these questions require self-exploration, emotional integrity and boundaries. That is the space I work in. With over 2 decades of activism, trauma work, and education in social work, my goal is to strengthen the skills we need to move forward. In health. In community. In a more authentic and expressed version of ourselves. Let’s get to work.


Featured in: Huffington Post, Women's Health, Self, Oxygen Magazine, Girls Gone Strong, Greatist, Fitness RX, and Yahoo health.