My speaking style somehow links together my combined histories in competitive debate, slam poetry, sermonette testimonials and general enthusiasm. I'm most often tapped to speak on themes related to rape culture, body politics/body image, internalized oppression and leadership, healing from trauma, finding wellness outside of diet culture, and other topics as related to women and autonomy. I don't give canned speeches or deliver the exact same one twice. In the last few years I've spoken to an auditorium of primarily military professionals, at a tea at Yale, at multiple women's fitness conferences and a to local Girl Scout troop. To discuss what might work for your event, contact me.


My workshops blend a conversation about internalized oppression with emotional well being. With my backgrounds in social work, social justice and wellness, we won't skip over the big feelings or the real challenges we face. My goal is always for participants to walk away with a better understanding of themselves as well as practical tools for living in alignment with their own values. Common themes are body image, leadership, emotional boundaries, and real life self care. I also love partnering with other practitioners to further customize events, most often adding tools and trauma-informed emotional processing to compliment their work. To discuss what might work for your area, contact me.