I'm calling for a revolution

I’m calling for a revolution.


I’m calling for a revolution in the way we see ourselves

as more than parts and pieces

stitched together in disgust and self hatred


For every woman I’ve ever known has carried herself

As a question to be answered or an overwhelming apology


We are taught to be less in every way

tiny, soft spoken, careful not the bruise the egos of men

and never to use our voices


We are taught to be small, to be dainty, to be weak


We are taught that our first value is in beauty

and beauty by standards that are ever changing and impossibly limiting


We are spoon fed the notion that nothing matters

nothing matters nothing matters but




Smile more.

Tread lightly.

Take up little space.

Hang your head in shame.

Call yourself a “work in progress”

and know, within every fiber of your being

that you will not rest until you get there.


There where you can glide through all the doors behind which happiness lives

There where you have the respect and admiration of all

There where reflecting back in your mirror is a revelation of beauty deeming you worthy of life, of love, of delicious adventure


But I’m here to tell you

There is a lie


Behind each locked door is a new list of expectations

a new definition of which you aren’t a part

A new insult, a new injury, a new reason to tear yourself apart


I’m calling for a revolution

As a woman, as a lioness, as a mama bear


I too lived this for this image

I punished myself for the never ending pursuit of perfection

I lived and died at the altar of perfection

and stuffed myself as narrowly possible into the box appropriately marked girl


I changed the most powerful thing I have

My mind.


I’m calling for a revolution where we stop pretending this is the race we belong in

For women to come together as a sisterhood

A collective of voices, compassionate listening, complete beings


We know a better way but we must walk it

Walk taller, take up space, use our voices as though we know they matter

They do.


If we want little girls to know they matter, we must behave as though we do

Care for ourselves lavishly, as warriors require great care

Show them their lives, their bodies, their unique adventure

is theirs and theirs alone.


The constant pursuit of shrinking is over

Let us be more.

However we, ourselves, define it.


I’m calling for a revolution but not for myself

I’m calling for a revolution in me

For my baby girl
I beg you do the same.