I tried the Thinx panties- total convert

Somewhere around hitting 30, I rather suddenly became uncomfortable with putting bleached cotton inside of myself. I started researching alternatives and nothing sounded awesome, honestly.

I hate pads. They make crinkling sounds when you walk, they move around which always ends up with stained underwear or just the feeling that it has cozied it’s way into me in the worst diaper like wedgie of all time. Plus they just feel wet.

The cup seemed like a nice alternative. Very in line with my other hippie ways. But I still didn’t like the idea of containing it. It’s a release. It wants to come out. I want it to come out. Not find a less bleached way to keep it in. Plus as non-shy as I am, I really didn’t want to rinse it out in the sink in public restrooms while squeezing myself together and hoping not to bleed on myself in the process.

Organic tampons? Not into it. If I am going to stick cotton into myself, I’m doing it with a nice plastic applicator that doesn’t hurt like cardboard. It’s probably wrong for me to love vaginal comfort more than recycling. But it’s true.

Enter Thinx absorbent underwear. An alternative I hadn’t heard of. Designed by a woman. Who has bled. Interested. I looked at them for several months and never bit the bullet. They aren’t the same price as the TJMaxx bin I usually get my drawers from ($29-$38). But each time my period came I was kicking myself as I ran to Walgreens to buy the bleach plugs I can’t stand.

They feel like thick fabric. I’d compare the thickness to in between a bathing suit and a regular panty. They are super comfortable. So much so that I wouldn’t think twice about throwing them on if I was somehow completely out of clean underwear on a no-flow day. And cute! You’d never know the difference just looking at them.

I bought two “heavy flow” pairs to give it a real “go.” They aren’t cheap but will definitely pay off in the long run when I’m not buying tampons. And for something that I do monthly and don’t enjoy my options for now- it’s a worthwhile investment.

I read several reviews where people were wearing these WITH tampons. For me this defeats the purpose. I want to live tampon free. I want to bleed all the blood out of my body. I want to release, damn it. And I don’t want thirty dollar back up underwear. I’m going all the way.

Let me tell you I tried to make them fail me. Day one of my period is — a lot. It’s painful and not messing around. I wore the thinx longer than I would normally wear any underwear on my period. I was just at home and I wanted to know their threshold. I wanted to see if I could find their limit and was curious what that felt like. So I put them on at 3pm when I started and took them off the next day at 11:30 am. I fully welcomed a crazy accident which would make for a more interesting review. Zero problems.

I feel dry, comfortable, it did the damn thing.

The “heavy flow” panties are supposed to hold 2 tampons worth. In that time on day 1 I would expect to use at least 6 super tampons. No problem. I won’t “test” them again like that. But it was good to know that they really aren’t messing around.

I bought a pair in beige (because I like to live dangerously) and black. Was surprised to find the beige pair was lined in black. So smart.

It says on their website “you may have heard to size up but we now run true to size.” I found a bit different. I really don’t like my underwear to squeeze my buns. Per the size chart I would need a L (10-12), I wear a size 12 in jeans usually. I sized up and went with XL and they fit just how I want them to.

When you take them off to wash them you have to wring them out. I don’t hate this but I know some people might be squeamish. I was kind of amazed how much blood was in there since I still felt dry. It somehow feels more hygienic instead of less, since I’m actually bleeding. Like, letting that flow out instead of stopping it up. They smelled like zinc, but faintly. Because that’s what blood smells like. And since being washed they are good as new.

I’m a total convert. I got sad today thinking that I might have to have a tampon on hand for surprises and the swimming pool. Otherwise I’d have immediately gotten rid of the few I still have in the house. This is life changing. For something I do so often, I’m happy to have found a solution that I feel really good about. Even though it’s the most money I’ve ever spent on underwear, it’s also the most excited I have ever been about them. And it means instead of buying another box of tampons I loathe, I get to put on my lacy drawers!

Wanna try? Use this link to get $10 off OR get your own link to share with your friends and you both get $10 off.  They also have a badass feminist “periodical” (see what they did there?) they send monthly. Love a company who’s mission and even “personality” I dig! Let me know if you try them. I can’t stop talking about how much I love mine.

XO, Erin Brown

**NOT a paid review. I bought them with my own monies and all thoughts are my own. But if Thinx wants an ambassador- HOLLA! =)