10 summer goals (that have nothing to do with weight loss)

Want to lose weight? Super. Really, do whatever you want to with your body. That’s all up to you. But we hear so much about weight loss goals (plus as fun as it is to meet goals, the actual staring at the scale isn’t the MOST fun ever) that I thought I’d give some additional (and/or alternative) goals to consider.

  1. Sign up to try something totally new. I am obsessed with trying new things. It makes for a fun story (especially if you happen to be not amazing at it). It makes you proud to show up. And it stretches you outside of your comfort zone. This summer I’m taking fencing and a cardio drumming class. What? Yeah I don’t know either. Sounded fun. (Check your local parks and rec offerings as they are usually quite affordable and surprisingly diverse).
  2. Play a sport. There are all kinds of summer rec leagues for everything from pickleball to kickball. Why not gather some friends and play? Or just schedule some pick up games even. PLAY! Because life is short and it might as well be fun, too.
  3. Experience the pool like a kid. This can be with kids or with a grown up friend who is down to have a good time. Buy a bathing suit that fits and you can run around in. (I just got this one and I’m in love). Stand in line for the slide. Bring diving sticks. Dare each other to jump off the high dive. Go to the pool and play. The kids there have the right idea. Join them.
  4. Watch the sunrise and set. One of my favorite goals for the summer is to see the sunrise more often. Shooting for once a week at minimum. Perhaps the sun set is more your schedule. Either way, take time out to just marvel at this amazing showcase. Maybe it’ll cause miraculous shifts and existential exploration, or maybe you’ll just get to see how beautiful the sky is. Either way is pretty rad.
  5. Spend time in nature. Take short walks outside. Try out new trails. Go sit on a beach. Whatever is available to you, take the time to soak it in.
  6. Create a new ritual. Mine will have to be about what I do with my mornings since my full days to myself will be replaced by all day with my kiddo. I’ll need to create the space to just be quiet and with myself. New rituals can be as simple as listening to a meditation app while you brush your teeth and as intricate as you want. I like to think of them as being small tweak experiments toward a better daily life.
  7. Road trip! This doesn’t have to be extravagant. We drive from Kansas to Nebraska every summer and it’s my daughter’s favorite thing we do all year. Explore nearby cities. Check your state’s tourism website for oddities that might make for a fun destination. Grab whoever you like being in the car with and have a blast.
  8.  Schedule time with friends. Adulthood can make friend time more difficult to come by. We have so much more we have to do, months can easily go by without seeing your favorites. So looking ahead to summer– schedule some time! Some of my local girlfriends and I have been talking about going gambling together for years. I’m trying to make that happen this summer.
  9. Do a fun run. There are so many fun race options now. For all fitness levels. Suitable for sprinting or walking. Some they throw colorful crap at you, some have music, some require silly outfits. Sign up for something ridiculous and make a memory. You can PR or walk and laugh with a friend. Both are great endeavors.
  10. Make a summer bucket list. Don’t like my list, or have so many other ideas? Make a list of all the things you want to do before summer’s end. And then make it happen! I’ve heard of people doing this with their kids too which I think is an amazing idea.

Regardless of what goals you do or don’t have pertaining to your body, I hope you make plans to enjoy the shit out of your life. This is it. Right now. With all the rampant reminders about “summer bodies” floating around, I wanted to remind you that the body you have today is the one you live in. Whether it changes or not, it will be in your body that you have to enjoy this summer.

So I hope you do. I hope you savor all the delicious opportunities to soak in your life. That you actively plan excitement, calm, joy, togetherness and whatever else you need. There is no time like right now to get off the sidelines and jump in to life. It’s not waiting on you, and the you you are today deserves a damn good time.

XO, Erin Brown