Training plans for everyone

When I was a personal trainer, I spent hours designing programs for myself and others. Hours on hours on hours. These days I prefer following someone else’s plan. I like to follow strong leaders who know their stuff. It takes the guess work out and feels so much easier to grab what I’m doing and go.

Since today marks my first “official” day of summer and I’m looking at a complete change in my schedule and time alone, I thought I’d share with you the three training plans I most often am working through. They are all different and there’s something in there for everyone. So if you are like me, looking at your summer like “Shit, what am I doing?” perhaps there’s a program here that’s a good fit for you. And they all cost less than what 2 sessions with a personal trainer would cost around here.

Every one of these is designed by my friend Jen Sinkler who is the only person who’s work I affiliate because you won’t find “skinny jeans” marketing or shamey verbiage. She’s also a badass who’s energy is contagious. And all of her plans have full video instruction of movements, are easy to follow for beginners and beautiful to look at too! Her products always have a money back guarantee. She does business with integrity.

  1. Lift Weights Faster.This is an easy yes for me. There are body weight workouts, dumbbell workouts and workouts that utilize all the fun toys at the gym. All of the workouts are 10-30 minutes which makes for a quick and effective session or you can combine a few if you have more time. They are all based on combining strength training with conditioning (faster) which is about the most bang for your time buck there is. It’s not progressive in nature, so you can pick up the workout that best fits your equipment and time limitations for the day and make it happen. I often turn to LWF when I’m in a time crunch, though for folks who are always in a time crunch or don’t have access to a gym, this is perfect for everyday. 180 workouts y’all.
  2. Unapologetically Powerful. This program is for lifters and aspiring lifters. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced programs included. This walks you through all of the major power lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press) and accessory lifts to support the big ones. Again, all of the movements have video instruction. I love that Jen and team cover every piece of a lift. Without feeling condescending, they explain movements as though perhaps you’ve never even heard of them. Which is always good for me because sometimes the piece I’m missing is a basic one. Including the warm ups (sample video below). This is the program I wish I had when I got started teaching myself. It’s handholding and empowering at once. So if the barbells are calling you, I’d start here. (Someone once told me that they weren’t sure about watching all these videos at the gym. I don’t. I usually watch through the ones I’m unsure about when I’m puttering around before bed the night before. If it’s brand new to me I practice in my mirror. And you can totally pull it up at the gym for a refresher).
  3. Lightning and Thunder. This is a brand spankin new one that I’ve been working through for the last couple of months. It’s the program that got me excited about working out again as I’ve been needing to switch up my training and do something totally new. This one combines a strength training program (2 days a week) with SAQ (speed, agility and quickness drills) that are easy to follow and fun. I know, I was skeptical about the fun part but I’m enjoying the hell out of myself. The SAQ drills make me feel like a badass and make sprint drills way more purposeful than I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been doing them in the track at my gym and at a nearby outdoor track but my yard would work fine too. And I AM faster. I switch directions faster, my start is faster, my sprints are faster. Most importantly to me, I’m having fun with training again. Because this one is new, it’s on sale for the launch. So if those kind of drills sound like just the thing to make you excited about training again, now’s the time to pick it up.

I’m planning some playdates to get some other moms in on the track action with me this summer. This kind of work is totally fun with friends. Prioritizing 2 gym days a week to get the L&T strength sessions in and sprinkling in LWF workouts for at home in a time crunch days. Totally ready to crush this summer in an awesome way. Hope there is one in there that calls to you– if you are scared to start, that is totally normal. But I’m confident you will feel walked through the process entirely. And by my friends I trust implicitly.


Erin Brown