"It is through our voices, not our silence that healing will come."


I want us to change the narrative of what it means to be female. Not a new set of limiting rules. But actually living by our own values. To honor the fully expressed, individual, multi-dimensional people we are. I believe to get there we have to be honest about our own stories. We have to look at our old ways of operating. We have to embody the change we want to see. I want my daughter to look up and see women who seek commonality through passionate ideals, shared values, working together and not self-depreciation and shame. We are the generation of women to create just that.



As Is – The body image book that aims to walk the reader through the thinking errors that lead to a detrimental sense of self-worth. For anyone who has ever struggled to change their perception of self.

Letters to Lola – a collection of essays from mother to daughter. One part memoir, one part advice book for a young woman coming of age. A good read for any woman or anyone who loves one.

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